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Grunge Stream Package

Grunge Stream Package

Give in to your rebellious side and give your stream a new coat of paint with the Grunge Stream Package!


Intensify your stream with 6 Animated Alerts, 2 Camera Overlays, 3 Intermission Screens, 8 Labels, Banner and Profile Picture. All assets come as Ready to use PNG & WebM files.


Want to make a few changes? All products include easy to use Photoshop (PSD) and/or After Effects (AEP) files so you can personalize your stream and make it stand out from the crowd! If you’re having some trouble customising your assets be sure to check out the short tutorial to see all the ways you can make this stream package yours!


All assets are ready to use and are compatible with Stream Labs, Stream Elements and OBS for easy set up.

PLEASE NOTE: Since all products are digital downloads, there will be no offer of refunds after a product has been purchased. Please take your time to carefully read and review the description of the product before you purchase and if you are unsure of anything feel free to leave your question at, thank you.

  • What's Included

    • Banner (1920 x 420)
    • AVI (Profile Picture)
    • 3 Screens (1920 x 1080)
    • 2 Camera Overlays (16:9 & 4:3)
    • 8 Labels (1000 x 250)
    • 6 Animated Alerts
    • Ready to Use
    • Editable PSD & AEP Files