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This UI design for a weather application is a personal project of mine. A weather application is an example of a program that some of us may use on a daily basis to gain information that could impact our day, as it is not used for our entertainment, it is important that the app can deliver clear and concise information to avoid confusion and frustration.

For this project my goal was to design a weather application UI which could reliably present weather data to the user in a clear and direct manner without taking up a large amount of the users time. I aimed to create a design which was minimalist, clear, concise and appealing.

As this is a personal project of mine, I decided to create proto - personas rather than personas based on real people. Although the information in the personas above are not factual they still bring benefit to the project as a whole, I am able to structure the design of the application around the needs, goals and frustrations of these users rather than aimlessly creating an app without any audience in mind.

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